Years of tradition have taught us to grow and harvest the best beans coffee can give and to satisfy the most demanding taste.

Founded in 1933, Gabriel Kafati S.A. is the largest Coffee Roasting Plant in Honduras. Our organization is one of the most recognized and respected companies in the country and in Central America.  The fact that we are vertically integrated, from crop to cup, allows us to exert strict quality controls during every phase of the coffee making process. We can proudly offer to our customers not only a product of excellent quality, but a variety of presentations under one name and under a strong tradition. Everyday, thousands of satisfied consumers enjoy the exquisite flavor and aroma of “Café El Indio”, one of the most recognized brands in Latin America. 

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Selected in the top three as "Best" in their product category in the Western Hemisphere at the Americas Food and Beverage Awards competition.

Member of: SCAH, SCAA and FIDE.